Using Data For In-House Recruitment
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An introduction to People Traction and our "total addressable market" approach.
Intrinsic vs Extrinsic
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The difference between an intrinsic and extrinsic recruiment process. And why intrinsic is the way forward.
Recruitment Funnels
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An example of how most view a recruitment funnel and how we are changing this from actions to engagement.
Data Driven TA
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How a modern recruitment funnel helps us make data-driven decisions to save time and to hire more engaged people.

Iain Hamilton

Helping businesses globally with awesome talent strategies - talent pool nurturing to employee engagement

Throughout my career, I have been passionate about providing a seamless and enjoyable application process and have lead projects to design company websites, careers sites and job boards. My experience gained through this has given me great insight into the benefits of recruitment technology. Although recruitment technology has advanced significantly in the past 5 years I still believe that technology cannot replace a good recruiter. To create a recruitment function that delivers our recruiters must believe that candidate experience is our highest priority and be trained to deliver this experience.
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