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Welcome to the People Traction blog. Throughout the course of working on and completing projects, we are always innovating new ways to attract and engage talent. The fact that we are always innovating, means that we are always learning.

When we learn, we blog. We welcome you to learn with us.


#tahack An employer brand that I love – GE

Recruitment Data Video Series
(Transcript) Hey, everyone! Welcome along to another edition of TA Hack.  We have got another great episode today where we are going to do the review of another business’s employer, a company that I absolutely love, a company that I followed for a long, long time.  But before we get in to that, if you [...]

5 Ways to Fail at Employer Branding and How to Get it Right

Employer branding fail

There is a common saying in agency recruitment, albeit not a very complimentary one. Not one that any agency would openly subscribe to, but it is always there

#tahack – USA Engineering Talent Attraction Campaign

GDPR Compliant Recruitment

An automotive engineering campaign broken down to show engagement and flow.

#tahack: Talent Attraction Content Marketing and Engagement Scoring

Recruitment content marketing

Hey! Iain Hamilton here for another edition of TA Hack. I hope you like the new intro music that we’ve got in the video.

#tahack: A quick look at the Cisco Employer Brand

Cisco Talent Brand
Watch - Or read the article below Join the #tahack Movement Enjoyed the video/article? Show it by sharing #tahack with your network. Employer Branding at it's Finest - Cisco Welcome along to another episode with TA Hack. Today, we are going to mix it up a little. Today, we’re going to talk a wee bit about a [...]

A Marketer’s Guide to Re-purposing Content for Talent Attraction (TA)

recruitment marketers guide

One of the most common challenges I hear from recruitment functions is that they just don’t have enough content to be able to share with their talent pools. This often means that their applicant tracking system ends up a grave yard of data, rather than a community of engaged talent that considers their business as […]

Top Tips on How to Engage With a Tidal Wave of Applicants

Engage applicants crowd

Many organisations are acutely aware that the talent they bring in to their business is the key to their future success. This has led to a massive increase in marketing activity as recruitment professionals attempt to engage their talent pools.  Just pop onto LinkedIn today and you are almost guaranteed to be inundated by job adverts in […]

How to Reduce Cost Per Hire Through a Talent Pipeline

The Under Cover Recruiter - Featured Author

Featured post of The Undercover Recruiter. Talent pools have been all the rage recently in the in-house recruitment world. Recruitment leaders focus on developing a talent pool for two main reasons: Data and intelligence for future hiring needs.

Insight into the World of Recruitment Data

Recruitment Data Videos

Recently, I quickly accepted the opportunity to attend a recruitment data insights conference with the in-house recruitment network in London. On the way to the conference, I was excited to see where the recruitment industry is going. Excited to learn how much progress we were making in using the data that we are creating. So, […]

The Dormant Database

The world of talent acquisition and recruitment is changing fast. People expect to be treated in a different way now and all this means recruiters need to develop new skills and ways of recruiting. Companies like Indeed have woken up the world of jobs and recruitment in good and bad ways. Before large aggregator job […]

It’s oh, so quiet…zing boom

When I started out in recruitment, it was a different world. Job ads were everything. Companies and agencies alike, paid for job ads online, in newspapers and attended industry events to attract talent. Lots of companies still do some or all of these activities, but for many their employer branding is becoming one of their […]

Reduce the flow, recruit to retain

As an organisation grows or simply exists, there is one inevitable factor any HR or business leader needs to consider: people will move on to other opportunities, retire or part company with you for other reasons. When this happens the focus can often be on replacing that person with a similar and suitable candidate to […]

Recruitment Delivery – Your Options

Over the last few months, I have met many business leaders who are simply not aware that there are several different options when deciding how to deliver your recruitment function. Often they are using a variety of different methods in an uncoordinated fashion and although, in general, it succeeds in recruiting people; is there a more cost […]

Will you lead or be led?

Traditionally recruitment has had many challenges, from talent shortages to sales driven recruitment agencies and not forgetting about our own lack of communication as in-house and agency recruiters which threatens to destroy our brand with both candidates and clients. Some of these challenges have been driven by a lack of, or poor adoption, of technology […]

Why a job title matters

Here goes…I will try not to make this a rant, but cannot promise. Earlier today I happened across a recruitment manager job being advertised by a connection on LinkedIn. I am always interested in looking at the way other businesses are attracting recruitment professionals, and so I clicked through to check it out. Almost immediately […]

Talent Attraction Should Be Funnel Led

At some stage we are all introduced to the harsh reality that B2B business development is not a transactional decision, rather it is a complex decision with many facets that need to be considered. And as the BD professional, if you do not address each of these facets then the hot lead you have, will […]

That’s Not A Job Advert

Job Advert

“I have been told this job is urgent and so I need to get the adverts out as quickly as possible.” Selects the text on the job description and types ctrl c Opens the job posting page on ATS and types ctrl v As if by magic the ATS sprays the job description to all the […]

I’ll Just Hire a Recruiter!

Hire a recruiter

Great! Hiring an in-house recruiter in a growing business that is likely to recruit more than ten people in a year can seem like the best and most cost efficient direction, and often it is. Unfortunately, it is not often as easy as just hiring a recruiter. I have worked with companies that employed a […]

Future Proofing Your Recruitment Strategy

Modern recruiters know it is not good enough to simply advertise jobs and approach candidates on social media. The modern recruiter knows that there is so much more to recruitment than being able to find candidates.

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