Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Your employer brand is an integral part of how your attract and retain employees within your organisation. A fully developed employer brand will ensure you are fully in control of how your brand is represented and will ensure you values and behaviours are positively represent in all of your content.

As part of our employer branding consultancy service we will:
  • Target market research to find out what makes them tick.
  • Research to decide which promotion channels will provide impact.
  • Development of employee value proposition (EVP).
  • Engagement campaign for candidates and employees.
  • Employer brand playbook and key messages.
  • Brand and EVP rollout to internal and external stakeholders.

Book a Call

Every company has an employer brand, regardless of wether you have knowing created it or not. Book a call to make sure your employer brand is represent your business well and attraction the right people.

Reduce Cost To Hire

Creating and promoting your employer brand will help your business attract the right people. In turn this will shorten your time to hire, improve your hire quality and candidate experience.

Recruitment Marketing

Although seperate from your employer brand, your recruitment marketing strategy will be one of the key tools used to promote your employer brand. Along with employer brand promotion, your recrcruitment marketing startegy will define how all your career opportunities are promoted and the channels used.
As part of our recruitment marketing consultancy service we will:
  • Talent pool research to understand which job boards and other channels will provide the best return on investment.

  • Workforce planning to define the future talent pools required

  • Development of scripts and training for recruiters and leaders

  • Development of social media profiles and campaign to grow your following

  • Recruitment strategy with SMART goals and reporting structure

  • Training and rollout to all internal and external stakeholders

As the global economy picks up, there is growing concern among CEOs about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve their growth ambitions.

Richard Mosely, Harvard Business Review

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