Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Some smaller businesses prefer to insource their recruitment function where others outsource to relieve the hassle of recruitment. Our recruitment solutions services provide you with a recruitment function, recruitment strategy and employer branding expertise allowing you to remove any reliance on recruitment agencies.

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Every company has an employer brand, regardless of wether you have knowing created it or not. Book a call to make sure your employer brand is represent your business well and attraction the right people.

Plan, Attract Engage And Recruit

Having a recruitment strategy is the first step in creating sustainability in your recruitment function. A recruitment strategy follows four essential steps – plan, attract, engage and recruit.

Working with your business, People Traction will follow the tried and tested plan, attract, engage and recruit framework. The result will be a formal recruitment strategy which will map out all of your attraction channels and techniques. Your recruitment strategy will act as a guide for how you will attract people now and in the future.
Plan – Understand who you will need, where and when new recruits will be needed. Plan for how you will attract and engage these people and ensure you business processes are aligned to give these people the best experience possible.
Attract – Establish highly effective, and audience focused methods of attracting new people to your talent pools. We will help you decide on your attraction channels by understanding your audience through data and demographics. Understanding your audience will allow you to run a continual attraction campaign that means you will never be short of talent.
Engage – Engage your talent pools so that they understand and believe in your companies values and proposition. Increase your employer brand through engagement and increase the opportunity to employ the best people in your sector.
Recruit – Having attracted and engaged with your talent pool you are now ready to recruit. The lead time of recruitment will reduce and you will be able to recruit the best people available. Not only will you attract better people but they will stay with your business longer as they believe in your values and proposition before joining.
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