Talent Generation

Talent Generation

If you want attract great people with your own brand, hire people with inhouse team, or even if you just want to reduce recruitment spend, then our talent generation service is a perfect solution.

Here's why...

In todays world, the top talent want more, typical recruitment adverts are no longer enough to attract the best

“80% of your talent pool don’t care bout your employer brand”

Liam Fitzgerald – Weetabix – In House Recruitment Conference.

Why? Because they are not in the market for a job and so don’t get to see your opportunities.

Talent Generation

Book a Call

We require 3 conditions to run a talent generation project. Book a quick call to see if the Talent Generation service is right for your business.

Reduce Cost To Hire

A talent generation project will provide you with a continual flow of hire ready people, saving you the cost of using agencies and reducing your time to hire by up to 60%.

Talent Generation as a Service

Our talent generation service will give you everything you need to attract a continual flow of hire ready people towards your business without using agencies.

  • We will show you exactly how to get your content in front of the 80% and then show you who is becoming interested.
  • You will know more about your talent pool than any agency
  • You will know who is interested in your opportunities and you will be able to contact them directly, reducing time to shortlist by 60%.
  • You wont need to wait for applicants, you will be able to reach out to engaged candidates immediately.
  • You will be able to invest your recruitment budget in growing your talent pipeline, rather than paying big agency fees.
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